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Wholesale Standing Smart water purifier

Bottom Loading With 3-4 Stage Filtration Compressor Cooling Standing Smart Water Purifier

Bottom Loading With 3-4 Stage Filtration Compressor Cooling Standing Smart Water Purifier

Water dispenser with Filtration system.
Hot(with Child Lock), normal and cold water
Stainless steel cold tank and hot tank(SUS304)
High efficiency compressor cooling
Black color with S/S decoration
Double safety protection for low water
Cooling capacity: 3L/hour
Heating capacity: 5L/hour
Power: Heating 420W, Cooling 100W
Product Size:358x339x1062mm
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  • MODEL NO. POWER Capacity QTY/40’HQ
    QR-18TUF 3 stages Filter(PP, UF Filter, Carbon) 420
    QR-18TRO 3 stages Filter(PP, 200G RO filter, Carbon) 36L/Hour

    • Self Cleaning With UV light.
    • Hydrogen Rich feature.
    • Stainless steel Door.
  • In CE Certificate

  • In CB Test Certificate

  • In ISO Certificate Foshan Fountain

  • In ROHS Test Report


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More product information about Bottom Loading With 3-4 Stage Filtration Compressor Cooling Standing Smart Water Purifier

The Smart Water Purifier is a state-of-the-art appliance that combines advanced purification technology with intelligent features to provide clean and safe drinking water. With its innovative design and smart capabilities, it offers a convenient and efficient solution for ensuring the purity and quality of your water supply.
One of the standout features of the Smart Water Purifier is its ability to purify water using advanced filtration systems. It typically incorporates multiple stages of filtration, including sediment filtration, activated carbon filtration, and sometimes even advanced technologies like reverse osmosis, UV sterilization, or nanotechnology. These purification methods effectively remove impurities, contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and harmful substances from the water, ensuring that you have access to clean and healthy drinking water.
The smart functionality of the Smart Water Purifier sets it apart from traditional water purifiers. It often includes Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect the purifier to a smartphone app or home automation system. This connectivity provides real-time information about the purifier's performance, filter life, and water quality. You can monitor and control the purifier remotely, ensuring that you always have access to clean water and staying informed about filter replacement needs.
The design of the Smart Water Purifier is sleek and modern, complementing any kitchen or office space. It is available in various sizes and styles, including countertop and under-sink models, allowing you to choose the one that best fits your needs and available space. The purifier typically features an intuitive control panel or touch-sensitive interface, making it easy to customize settings and monitor the purification process.
Operating the Smart Water Purifier is user-friendly and intuitive. It often includes easy-to-use push-button controls, a digital display, or a smartphone app interface for convenient operation. Some models even incorporate voice control or gesture recognition technology, enabling hands-free operation and further enhancing convenience and hygiene.
Maintenance of the Smart Water Purifier is simplified through smart features. The purifier often includes filter replacement indicators or notifications that alert you when it's time to change the filters. Some models even have self-cleaning functions that automate the cleaning process, saving you time and effort. Maintenance tasks such as filter replacement or cleaning can be easily performed without the need for professional assistance.
Safety is a top priority when it comes to the Smart Water Purifier. It often incorporates safety features such as leak detection mechanisms, auto shut-off functionality, or child lock systems. These features provide protection against water leaks, prevent accidental spills or burns, and make the purifier safe to use around children and pets.
Energy efficiency is another notable aspect of the Smart Water Purifier. Many models are designed to consume minimal energy while providing optimal purification performance. Some models feature energy-saving modes or timers that allow you to schedule the operating hours, reducing energy consumption and saving on electricity bills.
In addition to its purification capabilities, the Smart Water Purifier may offer additional features. These may include options for adjusting the water temperature, dispensing different water volumes, or even integrating with other smart home devices for enhanced functionality and automation.
The Smart Water Purifier is a cutting-edge and efficient appliance that combines advanced purification technology with smart features. With its sleek design, intelligent connectivity, and user-friendly operation, it ensures clean and safe drinking water while offering convenience, customization, and control. Stay informed about your water quality and enjoy the benefits of smart functionality with the Smart Water Purifier, making it an essential addition to any modern home or office space. Invest in this innovative appliance and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having access to purified water at your fingertips.