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Wholesale Top loading Hot & Cold water dispenser

S/S Hot Tank And Cold Tank Top Loading Hot & Cold Water Dispenser With Cabinet

S/S Hot Tank And Cold Tank Top Loading Hot & Cold Water Dispenser With Cabinet

Hot(With Child Lock), Normal and cold water
Cup-Push to get water
Stainless steel cold tank and hot tank(SUS304)
High efficiency compressor cooling
Double safety protection for low water
With Cabinet
Cooling capacity: 2L/hour
Heating capacity: 5L/hour
Product Size: 310x340x1025mm
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    QRT-22-01 Cooling: 100W;
    Heating: 420W

    • Self Cleaning With UV light.
    • Refrigerator.
  • In CE Certificate

  • In CB Test Certificate

  • In ISO Certificate Foshan Fountain

  • In ROHS Test Report


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